Every once in awhile someone may send you something that hits you the right way and you are so touched by it that you have an overwhelmingly, compelling desire to share it with everyone you know.  Such is the link I received from my friend Jan Sansom.  The video you are about to watch is one of those things that has undoubtedly gone viral and for good reason.  I think we all know somebody, sick or dealing with a chronic condition, that has experienced the healing magic of music.  It has been documented over and over at the professional level as well as on a personal level.  Many hospitals and rehabilitation systems have recreational therapy programs that include music.  I know on a personal level, when my mother was in the hospital a few years ago and her outcome was questionable; we used recorded music and “live in her hospital room” performances, to help her recuperate. 

Scientifically, there are probably a lot of reasons for the way music affects the body and the mind.  How it stimulates the mind and  I’m guessing when I say the nervous system, has more answers than it does questions…um, I think I mean more questions than answers.  Either way, there is still a lot to know about and how to properly use music to promote health and healing.  But at the end the day, like this video will show you, it isn’t hard to understand the smile on the patient’s face…the sparkle in their eyes and the joy that is in their heart!

click here: Old Man in a Nursing Home Reacts to Hearing Music From His Era     The Miracle of Music!!! 

Do you have a music healing story or another unique healing experience?  I would like to hear about it.  Send me a note and we will share your story here on this website.


Thanks Jan!