Cause Marketing

Since the mid-1980’s Cause Marketing has evolved from a simple marketing tactic to a powerful business strategy.  But many of today’s businesses still have not found a way to embrace and subsequently employ it and to properly receive all of the benefits that a smart cause-related marketing program can provide.  There is recent research that confirms the overall effectiveness of these programs and we are not just talking about short-term sales goals.  When it comes to creating trusted and lasting relationships with diverse stakeholders, businesses need to take a good look at how the needs of the community or society and the growth of their business are linked.
Whatever your target is…there is a cause that they support that you can integrate your brand with to generate bottom-line business and social benefits.  We have grown beyond simply writing a check and a putting a plaque on the wall.  Today’s programs can include grant making, consumer and employee engagement, operations, policy and marketing communications.
Check here for links to worthy causes that may interest you:

Cause Marketing Promotion Calendar

FebruaryBlack History Month

MarchNational Women’s History Month; Good Samaritan Involvement Day; World Poetry Day

April – Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month; Earth Day; National Volunteer Week (April 10 – 16)

May – National Preservation Month

June – National Safety Month; Juneteenth Celebrations

September – Healthy Aging Month; International Literacy Month

OctoberWorld Food Day

December – National Universal Human Rights Month 


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