It’s a rainy Sunday morning and the primary topic on the Sunday news and talks shows will be the terrible tragedy that took place on Friday…the shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.  What were the totals?  27 dead and 20 were children between 5 and 10 years of age?  My head is spinning from the volume of news reports, updates and analyses.  Much will be made as to what motivated this young man to assassinate these kids.  His bones will be picked dry as they (we) try to find some sort of clue…some way to identify…a person or a problem that would lead to an act of violence or destruction.  I saw the movie and it didn’t work (Minority Report/Tom Cruise)!  What will work?  That’s the question and I bet that it will take hundreds of thousands of man hours and billions of dollars before the answer is revealed to us, when the answer is probably staring us right in the face.

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence has found that the United States is experiencing an average of 20 mass shootings a year.  Before Friday’s attack, there were at least 16 attacks (beginning in July) where 3 or more people were killed, including the shooting spree at the movie house in Aurora, CO and the Sikh temple rampage in a Milwaukee, WI suburb.  To me the most amazing and consistent fact about these shootings is the arsenal that they, the shooters, have acquired and maintained.  I have known a few serious sportsmen and the time they spend keeping their guns in working order is no small amount.  When I read about the equipment, the weaponry and ammunition, that many of the killers possess it fries my brain.  They’re not buying everything online are they?  Some of their armaments have to be bought in person, right?  These guys are better equipped and armed than many of our local police forces (should we bring up that mileage that failed in the last election?).  Right now it’s not a fair fight and we know who is losing!

At this very moment, all of our elected officials, local, state and national, are cringing every time they are asked about mass killings.  They know that the two words they fear the most are going to be said…GUN CONTROL.  They know that if they value their job, and their position in society, they will not say one thing that could be interpreted as a knock on the NRA and gun rights in the U.S.A.  The NRA…the National Rifle Association is the most powerful and most feared lobby in America.  They are not afraid to say that “more guns” are the solution, not the problem.  I know that there are a lot of people that agree with that sentiment.  I think it is about time for the people that disagree somewhat…likely disagree…or strongly disagree, with that statement to stand up and collectively let their feelings known.

I wonder if the number of people that have been impacted by gun violence were to stand (those that could) up and be counted would their numbers match or supercede the NRA membership.  What if just the people that have been victimized by a gun were to stand up?  What if every parent that has a child or children enrolled in a school, were to stand up?  Would our elected officials stand with us or with the NRA?  We do know what they have done so far, don’t we?

My solution…the one staring us right in the face…is for everybody to join the NRA.  The NRA needs to be liberalized.  It needs more women…more minorities…more humans in its membership.  The NRA to be a true national organization…to be a true representative of our constitution needs to look and sound more like us and when that happens it will do more for us, all Americans!

The NRA is kind of like the Republican Party right now, its current membership is very similar to the demographics of the party and though it is in better shape now, in time it could go the way of the republicans in terms of its relevance.  The republicans are thinking infusion and it might be smart for the NRA to be thinking the same thing.  How many more mass acts of violence will have to take place before they modify their positions.  How many more children will have to die?  Now is the time for us to tell them how many…like “no more”…no more children shootings…no more religious prosecution shootings…no more “social assassinations” because you support the freedom of choice…NO MORE, simply no more violence.

Are you ready?  I am!  Here’s the link to the NRA web site (  Join me in tearing down this “un-American” national institution from the inside…brick by brick…mores by mores…discipline by discipline…tenet by tenet.  Let’s become a powerful lobby in their own order.  As members, let’s become just like them…

  • They write…we’ll write
  • They call their congressmen…we’ll call their congressmen
  • They vote…we’ll vote
  • They contribute…we’ll contribute
  • They get their way “over time”…we’ll get our way all of the time.

And in the meantime, let’s use their programs like Eddie Eagle® Gun Safety Program and Refuse To Be A Victim® seminars and exploit the NRA Foundation whose stated goal is to fund gun safety and educational projects to the benefit of the general public.

It is possible for the NRA to change.  We can change it.  It won’t do it by itself.  We are going to have to do it!