It is the unfortunate state of our times, with budgets being cut from our schools and social services programs, that the people, seniors to teens, that need and would benefit the most from these formal programs are being asked or in some cases forced to do without.  The sad thing is that this is not being restricted to one area…one program…one service…it is happening every where…locally, regionally…nationally and at several levels.  Not surprisingly, one of the areas that has been hit the hardest is at the cultural level.

Back when I was a kid (during the 1950’s and 60’s) it seemed like there was so much to do…so many things to experience.  Wages were low but there apparently was an adequate tax base that enabled the city fathers/planners, board members, etc., to extend a hand to make sure that as a people, black or white, we were not culturally or socially deprived.  We could go on and on…round and round…about what’s wrong, how things went wrong and the despair that grips our communities but at the end of the day, not too much will be done.  Thankfully, there are those who’d rather not just talk about the problems, but would rather solve them and one of those individuals is Ron Jackson.

Many of the readers of this piece may have heard about Ron and the various projects he has developed.  There’s Ron Jackson Entertainment, where he operates as a Disc Jockey, providing a range of entertainment services such as live music, mobile disc jockeying, videotaping, photography, karaoke, ballroom dancing. Hustle instructions, African Dance groups and consulting for special events.  With this he has worked with such notable organizations like Vista Maria, Urban League, NAACP, COTS, Focus Hope, Southfield Delta Sigma Theta, Black United Fund, Ford Motor Co., Barat House, Detroit Public Library, Detroit Science Center, DSO, Wayne County Community College, and New Detroit.  He has performed at schools, recreation centers, nursing homes, senior citizens and weddings of all shapes, sizes and flavors.  He is a very busy and in demand artist.

But what really gets his motor running…his deepest pleasure is the Peoples Creative Ensemble.  It is here that Ron feels he is doing his best work.  For Ron this is more than a hobby or another way to fill his already filled day. 

The Peoples Creative Ensemble is a mission and in his words a spiritual quest that is “God’s plan” for him to pursue on the behalf of anybody and everybody that has not had the access to the things that he and many of the fortunate have experienced in their lifetime.

Peoples Creative Ensemble (PCE) was founded in 1983.  Its mission is to “provide individuals without music education prerequisites exposure to performing arts education, social programming and to showcase indigenous music and other genres”.   Initially, he started with just three programs…

  • Hustle for the Heart and Ballroom for the Body – a health education program that extols the benefit of dancing to maintain a healthy body and mind.
  • Music For Special People – A program for the general community with an emphasis on youth, seniors and the physically/mentally challenged
  • Chance to Choose Youth Touring Program – a program that gives youth the opportunity to act out their aggressions on stage instead of in the streets with a gun.

But as times have changed, definitely not for the better, the demands for these programs and others, along with the benefits they provide have increased significantly.  Forget the political rhetoric of today, because we are all affected, and we all need to do whatever we can to make the most of these hard times.

Recognizing that since the financial crisis that hit our nation charitable donations are down across the board, Ron is looking for help and support in other ways, Ron says…

  • If you are a musician…call Ron
  • If you are an artist…call Ron
  • If you are an actor…call Ron
  • If you are a dancer…call Ron
  • If you are a health instructor…call Ron
  • If you can teach…call Ron

If there is any way you can help…at any level…call Ron.  And…if all you can do is write a check…make a donation…large or small…CALL RON!  Your help and support will not be refused or rejected.  Our communities need the programs that Ron is trying to provide via the Peoples Creative Ensemble and Ron needs you!  Call Ron…do it…today…right now!

Peoples Creative Ensemble (PCE) is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization; therefore your donation will be tax deductible.  Contact PCE via phone (313) 341-6981 or (313) 758-9476 or via email