So you are thinking about planting a garden and you aren’t sure what type of garden is best for you.  How big should it be?  How much room do you have or need?  Should you be thinking about container gardening or maybe raised beds?  Once you decide what’s what…you will have even more questions!

So your favorite Uncle Arthur has put together a list of websites, a few videos, two pdfs and a book list that will answer most of your initial questions.  Good Luck!

Container Gardening

Video  –  Container Herb Garden

Vegetable Gardening In Containers  pdf.

“Container Gardening”

“Guide To Container Gardening” 

“Container Gardening Ideas”

“Container Gardening – Growing Vegetables” 

“Container Gardening”  

“100’s of Container Garden Ideas: Fine” 

“Container Gardening For Everyone”

Video –  How To Container Garden

Raised Bed Gardening

VideoHow To Set Up a Low Maintenance Garden – What Is Raised Bed Gardening?

Raised Bed Gardening – Cornell Fact Sheet  pdf.

“How To Make A Raised Bed Garden” 

“Raised Garden Beds” – Eartheasy “Solutions for Sustainable Living”

Raised Bed Gardening – Supplies

“Raised Bed Gardening/University of Missouri” 

Video  – “How To Build A Raised Flower or Garden Bed”

Books (all available on

“Square Foot Gardening” or “All New Square Foot Gardening

Author:  Mel Bartholomew

“The Vegetable Gardeners Bible”

Author:  Edward C. Smith

How To Grow More Vegetables and Fruits than You Ever Thought Possible On Less Land than You Can Imagine

Author:  John Jeavons

“Cubed Foot Gardening:  Growing Vegetables in Raised, Intensive Beds”

Author:  Christopher O. Bird


Whew!  Did you get all that?  To put some of that information to good use remember to come out for Flower Day at Detroit Eastern Market!  This year it takes place on Sunday, May 15th!  Come one…come all!