2011 GARDEN RESOURCE PROGRAM SEED DISTRIBUTIONS Spring is here! It’s seed distribution time for participants of the Garden Resource Program.    

  • Cluster 5: Thursday, March 17th,6-8 pm, American Indian Health and Family Services, 4880 Lawndale
  • Cluster 9: Saturday, March 19th, 10-12 pm, Adams Butzel Recreation Center, 10500 Lyndon
  • Cluster 4: Sunday, March 20th, 1-3 pm, Catherine Ferguson Academy, 2750 Selden
  • Cluster 1: Monday, March 21st, 5-7 pm, Davison Elementary School, 2800 E. Davison
  • Cluster 8: Monday, March 21st, 6-8 pm, Leland Baptist Church, 22420 Fenkell St.
  • Cluster 3: Tuesday, March 22nd, 6-8 pm, Georgia Street Community Center, 8902 Vinton at Georgia St.
  • Highland Park Cluster: Tuesday, March 22nd, 6-8pm, Focus Hope, 1355 Oakman
  • Cluster 10: Wednesday, March 23rd, 6-8pm, Gesu Church, 17180 Oak Dr.

Please feel free to attend the cluster seed distribution which is closest or most convenient for you. If you have not yet sent in your application, please feel free to bring it with you to the event rather than sending it in. If you miss the seed distributions, you will need to wait to pick up seeds at the cold crop distribution. 

Please contact Lindsay Turpin at 313-285-1249 or lindsay_detroitagriculture@yahoo.com for more information.  

Volunteer with the Garden Resource Program!  

Looking to get involved? We still need a few more volunteers to help out at the seed distributions.  If you can join us to help gardeners pick out seeds and make things run smooth at the distributions,  please contact Tee at 313-237-8733 ext.241 or Tepfirah.Rushdan@greeningofdetroit.com.  

2011 GARDEN RESOURCE PROGRAM CLUSTER ADDITIONAL RESOURCE MEETINGS Please mark your calendar and join us at your Cluster’s Additional Resource Meeting in April. At this meeting, you’ll meet fellow cluster gardeners and learn about the great resources and opportunities available to participants in the Garden Resource Program.  

  • CLUSTER 1: Monday, April 11th, 5-7PM at Davison Elementary School, 2800 E. Davison
  • CLUSTER 3: Thursday, April 7th, 6-8PM at Genesis Lutheran Church, 7200 Mack at E. Grand Blvd
  • CLUSTER 4: Sunday, April 10th, 1-3PM at Catherine Ferguson Academy, 2750 Selden, north of MLK Blvd at Lawton
  • CLUSTER 5: Wednesday, April 6th, 5-7PM at American Indian Health and Family Services, 4880 Lawndale, south of Michigan Ave.
  • CLUSTER 8: Monday, April 4th, 6-8PM at Leland Baptist Church, 22420 Fenkell, west of Lahser
  • CLUSTER 9: Saturday, April 9th, 1-3PM at Adams Butzel Recreation Center, 10500 Lyndon, west of Wyoming
  • CLUSTER 10: Wednesday, April 6th, 6-8PM at Gesu Church, 17180 Oak Dr. at McNichols 
  • CLUSTER HIGHLAND PARK (HP): Monday, April 4th, 5-7PM at Focus Hope, 1355 Oakman, east of Linwood

Please contact Lindsay Turpin at 313-285-1249 or lindsay_detroitagriculture@yahoo.com for more information.  

YOUTH GARDENING & NUTRITION EDUCATION COORDINATOR The Greening of Detroit is seeking a full-time Youth Gardening and Nutrition Education Program Coordinator to support school and community gardens working with youth, primarily in grades k-8. Support includes assisting with distribution of garden resources, garden design and planning, school/community outreach and engagement, and curriculum development and implementation. The Youth Gardening and Nutrition Education Program Coordinator works in our Urban Agriculture and Education Team and reports to the Director of Urban Agriculture and Openspace.For a full job description or more information, please contact Ashley Atkinson at ashley@greeningofdetroit.com or 313-237-8736 (email preferred if you have access)

Saturday, March 19th, Berry Beautiful: Growing Grapes and other Small Fruits, Catherine Ferguson Academy, 2750 Selden north of Martin Luther King east of I-96, 1-3PM Gorgeous grapes, rockin’ raspberries, bodacious blackberries – small fruits are tasty, highly nutritious and can be some of the easiest fruit to grow.  Learn from MSUE fruit specialist Bob Tritten who will share his skills on how to grow, prune and care for of these delicious delights.Upcoming classes:Thursday, March 31st, Growtown Before Motown: The History of Urban Agriculture in Detroit, Genesis Lutheran Church, 7200 Mack Ave at the corner of East Grand Blvd., 6-8PM Thursday, April 7th, Herbalicious!: Dividing and Propagating Perennial Herbs, Plum Street Market Garden, 2202 Third off of Plum St. between Third and Grand River, 6-8PM

Backyard Chicken Farmer Program at the Georgia Street Community Collective   (organized by community members Mark Covington & Deborah James) Backyard Chickens: Starting your own coop. Ever thought about raising your own backyard chickens? It really does not take much space or time. There are a variety of reasons to keep chickens in urban environments. This class will be a hands-on experience. Allowing participants (ages 8 and older, minor’s must be accompanied by an adult.) to start their own backyard chicken coops this summer. We will meet once a month on Saturday’s from 1- 4pm starting in March-September. Those that attend this class will have the opportunity to order chicks that are sexed in small quantities, without worrying about minimums and shipping costs. For further information or to sign up for the class, contact Deborah James (313) 627-3482 or Mark Covington (313) 452-0684

YOU’RE INVITED TO FEAST WITH US!The FEAST program is kicking off their 2011 events with a FEAST dinner on March 26th, 5-7PM at Warren Conner Development Corporation, located at 11148 Harper Ave.  The FEAST crew would like to invite young people between the ages of 14-21 to join us for a delicious meal and inspiring conversation. All guests must RSVP to Eitan Sussman at 313.237.8733 ext. 236 or eitan.greeningofdetroit@gmail.com. Please contact Eitan Sussman for more information.FEAST is a program that works with youth to plan, organize, promote, and cook communal FEAST dinners for youth and adults across the city in 2011. We’ll look forward to sharing more exciting news and events from FEAST this season.