As part of Black History Month, I would like to introduce you to Wendy Woods Jackson.  Ms. Jackson is a writer that currently resides in Texas where she now teaches school.  Born in 1959 to Henry and Ruth Woods in Indianapolis, Indiana, she is the second of four children.  She attended St. Monica Catholic School, Ladywood-St. Agnes Academy in Indianapolis and subsequently enrolled in the HBCU (in case you don’t know…that is a Historic Black College/University)…Bennett College in Greensboro, North Carolina where she achieved B.A.& B.S. Degrees in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Journalism.

Upon leaving college, Ms. Woods (Jackson) worked with the late Earnest R. Rather on his book “The Chicago Negro Almanac and Reference Guide”.

Wendy enjoyed a successful 20-year career at the Dallas Morning News where she wrote the prestigious 56-year-old column “Shopping the Town”.  Wendy is a “Silver Star” member of Alpha Kappa Sorority, Incorporated and is an active member in the Omicron Mu Omega chapter in Dallas.  She is the proud married mother of twins, Justin Wayne and Jennifer Ruth Jackson.

What makes Wendy a noteworthy person for Black History Month is that she is more than a writer.  When you read her material, what comes through loud and clear, is that she is a historian/preservationist as well.  Through her stories, she has preserved the tone and spirit of days gone by and the culture of the people that have preceded us. With her words, she deftly takes you on a journey back into time that is rich with imagery and the vernacular of black people of the day.  Her portrayals of the times are vividly strong, provocative and accurate.  Though, we now live in a time where some people are inclined to revise our literature and our history to make it “politically correct” (think Mark Twain, school books in Texas, the U.S. Constitution), she pulls no punches and makes no apologies for it.  This is a lady who writes and tells it like it is…or should I say “how it was”.  Oral history written at its very best!

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