I’d would like to tell you about a great radio experience that believe it or not comes from a small town on the west side of Michigan.  The station is WRHC-FM 106.7 and it broadcasts out of a converted house in the town called Three Oaks.  The show is called Funk Soul Brothers and Sisters and is hosted by “Johnny Ace”.  It airs every Friday night at 8:oop.m.  The content doesn’t have to be old to be good but it sure has to be funky.

What’s really great about the show is that outside of it’s title it defies description.  Unlike today’s radio it is largely unformatted.  You don’t have x-amount of songs per 15 minute segment nor do you hear the same songs over and over.  Johnny Ace has a knack for finding songs, regardless of when they were recorded, that are true classics in one way or another.  As a listener, you know that the host not only loves the music that he plays but knows what he is talking about.

I, as well as my brother and sister, have been frequent guests on the show and I can’t begin to tell you how much fun we have had.  According to the station mangement and some of its listeners they can tell.  It is very reminiscent of the golden age of radio where songs were not always 3 minutes long.  It’s a party!  It’s your Friday or Saturday night shindig…blue light in the basement experience…only it is now 2011.

I think that what really makes the show work so well is that it is on public radio where Johnny has a highly supportive environment that allows him to be creative musically and topically relevant.  Johnny has one mission and that is to be himself and to satisfy his audience.  There have been themed shows and there have been a few that featured a single artist.  On deck are shows that will focus on the funky side of blues and jazz.  And, if there’s some funky country songs out there, you can bet they will be played here too.

I want to encourage you all to listen to the show.  Again, it is on Friday night at 8:00p.m. on WRHC-FM “Radio Harbor Country” 106.7 on your dial.  I don’t know too many that will be able to hear the show over the airwaves as it is a low-watted station, therefore I would suggest you to go online at http://funksoulbrothersandsisters.com to catch it.  And in the words of a famous personality…

“When the funk hits the fan all the people want to jam!”  Get with it!!!

Johnny "Ace" Adams

"Johnny Ace"