Once upon a time…not so long ago, there was a very exciting, dynamic blues band playing throughout the metro Detroit area and around the state of Michigan.  The name of that band was Code Blue.  The original members of the band consisted of:

  • Arthur Littsey aka Little Brother Arthur David on lead guitar, slide guitar and lead vocals
  • Joanne Newman, vocals
  • Johnny “Ace” Adams, bass
  • Tom Mayer, drums
  • Gary “The Red Rooster” O’Riley, harmonica

This unique quintet redefined the performance standards of blues bands throughout the area.  No longer was it enough to sit back and languidly perform the blues.  They brought energy and and showmanship that not only separated them from the local competition but rivaled the efforts of national recording and touring bands.

Code Blue…Code Blue…Code Blue…the crowds were heard chanting before the band took to the stage, electrifying the room with anticipation.  They were loud…they were raucus…they were damn good.  The beat was heavy and the vocals were strong.  There was absolutely no way that you could remain in your seat.  Once you were hit by the stinging  guitar leads, the wail of the harmonica, the thunp…thump…thump of the bass drum and the funkiness of the bass guitar the only thing  you could do was get up and dance.  No crying in your beer on this night…you moved your feet, you wiggled in your chair or you just jumped up and hollered…this was real blues with a feeling.  From the sweet supple vocal stylings to the deep growl of a lone wolf…blues had never been heard like this in Detroit since the days of the Chessmate on McNichols and Livernois on the city’s westside.

So grab a seat…open up a cold one…fry up a mess of fish or put some bones on the grill…get yourself ready for a real thrill.  Listen to the real deal…Code Blue…Code Blue…CODE BLUE!


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